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Accident Investigator

What is the Course?

Accident Investigator

Certificate of Completion awarded by The Training and Recruitment House @cademy

What can I do once I complete the Course?

On successful completion of this Course you will be able to conduct excellent accident investigations which identify the root cause – they key to prevention of a reoccurrence!

How long does the Course take?

 This course takes around 6 hours in total. It is typically delivered over 1 day or over 2 evenings.

How do I book onto the Course?

You can book your place Online or contact us on 02838 39 45 80.

You can also email us at

How much does the Course cost?

This is an in-house course only - please contact us with your requirements and group size for cost.


Where is the Course held?

The Course is held in our offices at 51 Church Street, Portadown.  We can also come to Your Premises

Is there a test at the end of the Course? 

You will be required to complete a short written test at the end of the Course as well as participate in practical exercises throughout the training programme.

How is the Course delivered?  What will I learn?

The Course is very interactive and you will be supplied with all materials.  You will learn about why accidents happen, accident investigation, relevant Legislation, statutory reporting.

Who is the Course for?

Accidents happen. The key is to learn from them. Employers must, by Law, investigate all accidents. This short course will ensure that you are equipped to investigate and help prevent a reoccurrence.