CV Advice

A CV may be your only chance to grab attention and get you the Interview or Job you have always wanted.  

Here are some top tips from the Recruitment Team at The Training and Recruitment House to help you get noticed!

1. Tweak your CV for the Job

When applying for jobs one CV will not do all!  You need to grab the reader's attention in the first few seconds so that your CV does not go into the reject pile.  It is a good idea to have a Personal Statement which refelects your skills and experience in line with the job advertisement.  Show that you have made the effort.

2. Keep your CV up to date

Gaps in employment should be explained as should any courses you have completed.  Keep it saved on your computer and update it regularly. 

3. Use a font and point size which can be read 

Use a font which is professional and clear and a point size of 12 - any smaller and it will be unreadable and any larger it can appear a lottle child-like.  Remember your CV is selling you.  What does your's say about you?

4. Check the spelling and grammar

Always spell check your CV and it is a good idea to get someone else to read it before you send it.  Be critical of your CV.  Stand out from the crowd!

5. Make sure that contact details are correct

There's no point writing a fantastic CV but forgetting to change your mobile number!  Check that everything from phone number, address and email address are correct so you can be contacted for that job!