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Corporate Manslaughter for Managers

What is the Course?

Corporate Manslaughter for Managers. 

Certificate of Completion awarded by The Training and Recruitment House @cademy 

What can I do once I complete the Course?

This Course will address the responsibilities of Managers under Health and Safety Legislation including Corporate Manslaughter Legislation.   


How long does the Course take?

The Course takes around 6 hours in total. It is normally delivered over a 1 day or 2 evenings.


How do I book onto the Course?

You can book your place on our Website or Contact us on 02838 39 45 80

You can also email us at 


How much does the Course cost?

This is an in-house course only - please contact us with your requirements and group size for cost.


Is there a test at the end of the Course? 

You will complete short response written questions at the end of the Course. 


Where is the Course held?

The Course is held in our offices at 44 Carleton Street, Portadown.  We can also come to Your Premises


How is the Course delivered?  What will I learn?

The Course is very interactive and you will be supplied with all materials.  By the end of this course you will be able to:

•Describe the term “duty of care” under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007
•List those persons who you would owe a duty of care
•List those persons who have duties under corporate manslaughter (CM) Legislation
•Explain the actions which could be taken in a CM investigation
•Describe the penalties under the CM
•Discuss recent cases in relation to CM  
•Identify sources of information on Legal Requirements and their Legal Status
•Assess level of compliance with IoD and HSE guidance
•Identify the work that contractors are appointed to complete
•Describe the process to select a competent contractor
•Describe the processes used where contractors are informed of local arrangements
•Identify practical measures which can be taken to ensure ongoing compliance
•Construct a checklist which could be used to assess compliance of a contractor
•Identify the action to be taken if non-compliance is found 


Who is the Course for?

This course is designed for Managers and Directors who have Health and Safety responsibility.