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Effective Recruitment and Selection

What is the Course?

Effective Recruitment and Selection. 

Certificate of Completion awarded by The Training and Recruitment House @cademy.

What can I do once I complete the Course?

This Course will enable you to complete recruitment exercises fairly and identify common pitfalls which can have detrimental effects on business and people.   

How long does the Course take?

The Course takes around 6 hours in total. It is normally delivered over a 1 day or 2 evenings.

How do I book onto the Course?

You can book your place on our Website or Contact us on 02838 39 45 80

You can also email us at

How much does the Course cost?

This is an in-house course only - please contact us with your requirements and group size for cost.

Where is the Course held?

The Course is held in our offices at 51 Carleton Street, Portadown.  We can also come to Your Premises

Is there a test at the end of the Course? 

No, the course is assessed throughout. 


How is the Course delivered?  What will I learn?

The Course is very interactive and you will be supplied with all materials.  By the end of this course you will be able to:

•Discuss the reasons for good recruitment and selection practices 
•Identify relevant Legislation and Codes of Practice that must be followed in recruitment and selection
•Describe the important elements of a job description and job advertisement
•Discuss the factors to consider when releasing a job advertisement
•Assess applicant suitability for interview
•Write suitable interview questions
•Conduct interviews fairly
•Identify when an applicant should be appointed
•Explain the administration processes linked to recruitment and selection.

Who is the Course for?

This course is designed for anyone who requires formal training on Recruitment and Selection.