Terms and Conditions

This document details the Terms and Conditions under which Training and Consultancy services are provided to you.  You should retain a copy of this Document for your Records.  Recruitment Services are subject to Service Level Agreements which shall be drawn up separately.

Generic Terms

Applicable to All Training and Consultancy Business.

Section 1.0 The Company

1.1 The Company referred to hereafter is The Training and Recruitment House Ltd, 51 Church Street, Portadown BT62 3EU also referred to as “we/the Company”.  The Client (or “Us” or “You”) is the Representative of the Customer named on accompanying documents.  Registered in Northern Ireland: 603897.

Section 2.0 Supply of Services

2.1 The Training and Recruitment House Ltd shall provide training and consultancy services to the Client.  Certified Accredited Courses are delivered according to and Certified by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (hereafter CIEH), Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (hereafter HABC), Training Qualifications UK (hereafter TQUK), National Examination Board for Occupational Safety and Health (hereafter NEBOSH) and Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (hereafter IOSH).  The Company may also provide tailored courses for the Client which are Certified by the Company by means of Candidate assessment.  Where necessary, the Company shall refer the Client to other specialist companies.

2.2 The Training and Recruitment House Ltd reserves the right to use appropriate Consultants to provide Consultancy and Training Services where necessary.

Section 3.0 Confidentiality

3.1 The Training and Recruitment House Ltd shall not disclose any unnecessary information of any of its Clients to any Third Party without prior written consent from the Client.

3.2 The Company shall destroy any information which is provided by the Client for the purposes of Training/Consultancy at the end of assessment/report writing.

Section 4.0 Agreement of Services and Warranties

4.1 The Company shall agree with the Client the course/service, the number of Candidates to attend the course, the number and duration of sessions and the assessment methods (where necessary) and generate a personal quotation for the Client.

4.2 The Client shall provide necessary facilities such as a suitable training venue with at least one power point.  Where this is not possible, the Company and/or Client shall agree a suitable venue, any additional costs incurred shall be charged to the Client without notice.  If a venue is unsuitable, the Company reserves the right to refuse to conduct the Training Activity and the Client shall be liable for the full cost of service.

4.3 The Client shall indemnify against any accident or injury incurred by the Company’s representative whilst on site.

4.4 The Training and Recruitment House Ltd will not be liable for any loss whether direct or indirect or consequential or loss of profit or any damage as a result of agreed Training and/or Consultancy for example by: any inaccurate or insufficient information or technical background given to The Training and Recruitment House Ltd or its representatives; any failure to comply strictly with the instructions, advice or recommendations given; any failure to comply with any applicable legislation or any guidelines issued by the Health and Safety Executive or other appropriate regulatory authority.

Section 5.0 Validity and Acceptance of Estimate/Quotation

5.1 The Client’s estimate is only valid for the goods and or services detailed on the estimate.  If it is amended or altered in any way it is deemed void.  Quotations are valid for a period of thirty calendar days from the issue date printed on the estimate.  This estimate may be in verbal or written form.

5.2 On engaging in Business with the Company, the Client accepts all Terms and Conditions of the Company and to be charged at the indicated rate.

Section 6.0 Cancellation or Amendment of Training or Consultancy (Candidates, Location or Course) taking place on Client’s Premises

6.1 The Training and Recruitment House Ltd reserve the right to amend, cancel, relocate or postpone a training or consultancy session with the Client by giving no less than 48 hours notice from the agreed date, time and location. 

6.2 More than 28 working days before the course start date, no charge will be made.  14-28 working days before the course start date, 50% of the fee will be payable and is non-transferrable; the remaining 50% is transferrable and non-refundable.  Less than 14 working days before the course, the whole fee will be Payable and is non-transferrable and non-refundable.

6.3 Any amendments, cancellations, relocations or postponed sessions notified at less than 14 days will be subject to full fee charge to the Client.

6.4 The Company reserves the right to cancel or amend any of the above due to war, disasters, climatic changes or any force majeur.

6.5 The Client shall be liable for any additional charges incurred during delivery of services.

6.6 The Client shall be invoiced for examination materials for Candidates who do not attend/complete the course.

6.7 Any advance payments for courses which are subsequently cancelled or postponed shall not be refunded however credit can be given for the value of the payment at the discretion of the Managing Director.  The cancellation terms also apply and the full fee may be forfeited if the required notice period is not given to the Company.  Any subsequent credit must be used within the stated timescale.  If no timetable is stated the timetable is 12 weeks from date of payment.  Credit may not represent the original value. 

Section 7.0 Cancellation or Amendment of Training taking place in The Training and Recruitment House Ltd Offices or other approved location

7.1 Payments must be received in full at least 14 days prior to the Course start date.  Once the booking form has been received you are liable for payment. We reserve the right to cancel or delay the start date of the course, for example, due to under-subscription.  In such circumstances a full refund of course fees will be made or a transfer to another suitable course/next available course will be offered to the delegate.  No responsibility is accepted for incidental or consequential loss resulting from such a cancellation.

7.2 Cancellations - More than 28 working days before the course start date, no charge will be made.  14-28 working days before the course start date, 50% of the fee will be payable and is non-transferrable; the remaining 50% is transferrable and non-refundable.  Less than 14 working days before the course, the whole fee will be Payable and is non-transferrable and non-refundable.

7.3 Substitutions may be made at any stage at no cost however they must be notified to The Training and Recruitment House Ltd at least 48 hours before the course start date.

7.4 Transfers: Transfer to a subsequent date when the same course is running, subject to availability of places, will incur a standard administration fee of £50 plus VAT.  Any accommodation cancellation costs may be charged.  If the transferee subsequently cancels, the original cancellation clause will apply. All changes requested verbally must be confirmed in writing or e-mail.  Changes will become effective on the date of receipt of such written confirmation. 

7.5 Occasionally, due to circumstances beyond our control, alterations to timing and content of courses may become necessary.  We therefore reserve the right to modify the course information or tutor without prior notification.

7.6 Should the planned Training be cancelled due to war, disaster, climatic changes or any force majeur, the Client shall be automatically transferred onto the next available date without charge.

Section 8.0 Delivery of Service

8.1 All Services shall be delivered according to the agreed schedule with the Client as agreed at Estimate/Booking Stage.  The Estimate shall be accompanied by a Training Timetable should it be deemed necessary. 

8.2 Amendments to the Delivery shall be subject to the conditions in Section 6.0 and 7.0

8.3 CIEH/HABC/TQUK/IOSH/NEBOSH Courses are delivered in accordance with CIEH/HABC/TQUK/IOSH/NEBOSH Guidelines

8.4 The Training and Recruitment House Ltd deliver all Services according to the CIEH/HABC/TQUK/IOSH/NEBOSH Trainers Charter.  Details of how the Company meets this Charter are available on request.

Section 9.0 Examinations or assessments relating to Sections 6.0 and 7.0

9.1 All Examinations and Assessments shall be carried out under Examination Conditions. These are: no copying from notes, other Candidates or other written literature, no use of mobile telephones or other technology during the examination, no conferring to take place during the Examination period, no other forms of communication by signals, noises or the like between Candidates or any other person.  This list is not exhaustive.

9.2 Any breaches of the Examination Conditions shall result in a failed result being generated for the Candidate.  The Company’s Trainer is responsible for deciding the grounds upon which to disqualify the Candidate and award a failed result. 

9.3 The decision of the Company is final in all instances.

9.4 Special arrangements for Candidates such as those requiring foreign language material or for those who are considered to have a learning disability for example must be made known to the Company at the time of booking so that appropriate arrangements can be made for the Candidate(s) concerned.

9.5 The Client is responsible for ensuring that all Delegates who are completing Accredited Training Courses bring with them, on the date of the examination, required photographic identification to satisfy Awarding Body requirements.  The Company shall refuse admission to Examination those Candidates who fail to produce such required Identification or those whose Identifiation is not satisfactory.  The Company shall not be responsible for costs incurred by the Client for their failings.  The Client may rebook an examination with the Company for those Candidates who have not produced the required documentation subject to an Administration Fee of £50.  This Fee can be avoided is the Candidate attends a planned examination within 14 days of the last Training Date.  These provisions only apply to CIEH/HABC/TQUK/IOSH/NEBOSH Courses. 

9.6 By engaging in Business the Client automatically s permission for Awarding Body audits as part of Quality Assurance procedures.  Where possible, every effort shall be made to inform the Client that the visit is to occur.

Section 10.0 Audits and Consultancy

10.1 Audits are carried out in accordance with good practice guidelines, key Legislation (both Health and Safety and Hygiene) and Client Requirements.

10.2 Reports are generated on a Consultancy basis and are not a substitute for any documentation, procedures, testing or any other work required by Law or otherwise.

10.3 Documentation created and issued by the Company does not by any way ensure Legal Compliance.

Section 11.0 Invoice and Payment of Accounts

11.1 A deposit may be required before training can commence.  Full payment is required for Courses run in accordance with Section 7.0.

11.2 Invoices are generated within 7 days of the work being booked by the Client. 

11.3 Invoices shall represent values in the accepted quotation except when modifications occur.

11.4 Invoices must be paid within 14 days of the Invoice date.  A 10% administration fee shall be charged for each late 30 day period without prior notice to the Client.

11.5 The Company shall progress unpaid Invoices to Legal Proceedings after 60 days of the original Invoice date without further notice.

11.6 Invoices must be paid in full by Cash payment (to be hand delivered to the Company) or Cheque payment to “The Training and Recruitment House Ltd”.  BACS or other transfers are accepted as payment.

11.7 Balances may not be transferred from one Invoice to another.

11.8 Certificates or any other documentation produced by the Company will be withheld until payment has been received.

11.9 All Invoices are subject to VAT at the current rate.  It is the responsibility of the Client to send relevant information to the Company on VAT exemption status.

Terms and Conditions of Annual Consultancy Contract

1.0 General

These Terms and Conditions are in addition to our Standard Terms and Conditions of Business (Training and Consultancy) and do not seek to replace them.  The definitions and terms are in addition to this document.  Engaging in Business with The Company deems these Terms and Conditions as automatically accepted.

2.0 Contract

The Client agrees in writing with the Company (whether electronically or otherwise) to an agreed frequency and/or programme of visits to provide Consultancy Services.  Both parties are required to abide by this agreement.  Dates can be agreed but flexibility is possible for both parties due to mutual agreement. 

3.0 Payment

Payment for invoices raised shall be in accordance with standard Terms and Conditions of Business.  If the amount outstanding on the Client’s account is in excess of 20% of the Contract value the Company shall not conduct further work until payment has been made and cleared.  There shall be no loss to the Company for such arrangement.

4.0 Loss

Should the Client either terminate, cut short, withdraw or conduct any proceedings which would be deemed as an attempt to breach the Terms, financial compensation will be sought by the Company to cover the projected loss from the Contract.  The Company shall carry out the work for the Client as agreed unless as indicated in section 3.0.

Online Dispute Resolution

Should you be dissatisfied with any online purchase you can use the European Commission's online portal by clicking the link.